Cooled Semen Guidelines

Cooled Semen Guidelines

Lazy E Ranch has been shipping semen since 1995. These guidelines have been developed over decades of experience. In addition to the regular breeding fee, those requesting cooled semen will incur the charges listed below. Please review these items and if you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.

  • All fees including the stallion fee, farm fee, courier, and shipping charges must be paid prior to any semen shipment. There will be no exception.
  • Shipping charges are accrued EACH time semen is shipped. The cost of a Fed-Ex shipment is $400. Shipments by air will be assessed a fee of $525. Pick-Up (Syndicated Stallion): $250.00, Pick-Up (Non-Syndicated Stallion): $150.00
  • In order to meet increased demand for shipped, cooled semen on certain days, individual stallions will only be providing deep horn insemination doses. Proficiency in this insemination technique will be required by the veterinarian you plan to use. Please inform the Lazy E staff when getting on the semen request list that your veterinarian is able to perform deep horn insemination, as it may improve your chances of receiving a shipment on very high demand days.
  • Every attempt shall be made to fulfill cooled semen orders as soon as possible, but Lazy E Ranch, LLC is unable to guarantee availability or priority delivery for any cooled semen order. Also, Lazy E Ranch, LLC assumes no responsibility for any lost or delayed shipments. Cooled semen bookings will be of limited availability on those stallions whose book fills with mares to be bred on the premises of Lazy E Ranch.
  • All shipping charges, by whatever method, are the responsibility of the mare owner.

Also, please remember:

  • The Lazy E Ranch requests that ALL semen orders be made on the day PRIOR to the collection day. Those ordering semen should contact our office no later than 9am on the collection day to CONFIRM the semen order.
  • When a shipment departs Lazy E Ranch, ALL LIABILITY for shipments not received, for whatever reason, are borne by the mare owner.
  • A contract for cooled semen does not guarantee that semen will be available on the day you submit your request. Semen may only be requested on regularly scheduled Lazy E Ranch breeding days (breeding days are every other day including Saturday and Sunday.) Click here to view the collection schedule. Stallions will not be collected on a non-breeding day. No exceptions will be made.
  • Cooled semen bookings will be, by necessity, of limited availability on those stallions whose book fills with mares to be bred on the premises of Lazy E Ranch.

Good communication between all parties is vital to successful cooled semen shipment and insemination.

Frozen Semen

Frozen semen is available on some stallions. Contact the Lazy E Ranch office for information.

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