Q: Are there employment opportunities at Lazy E Ranch?

A: We welcome anyone interested in working at the Lazy E and accept applications &/or resumes anytime. Turnover among our dedicated staff is infrequent, so openings for full-time positions are not often available. However, we offer several paid internships at different times of the year. For more information on our internship program, click here.

Q: Can I come for a tour of the ranch?

A: Tours of the Lazy E Ranch are available by appointment only. Just like any other business, members of our staff are responsible for specific duties each day. When people visit the ranch unexpectedly and request a tour, this takes personnel away from their assigned duties. At times, especially during the breeding season, it is impossible to accommodate these requests. However, we welcome visitors, and a simple phone call is usually all it takes to schedule a tour!

Q: Are there any considerations given on stud fees for stakes winning or stakes placed mares?

A: No; there are no considerations given. Every client pays the advertised stud fee for every stallion standing at Lazy E Ranch, therefore, no one is getting a better deal than you are.

Q: What does “syndicated” mean, in reference to a stallion?

A: This simply means that a stallion is owned by a group of shareholders. Seasons from these stallions are only available for purchase from a member of this syndicate. The Lazy E Ranch acts as agent for many of these syndicate members, and seasons may be purchased by contacting the ranch.

Q: Why haven’t I received my breeders’ certificate?

A: The Lazy E Ranch does not send out breeders’ certificates until the document is requested by the mare owner and any outstanding charges associated with that breeding are paid in full.

Q: What paperwork do I need when I bring a mare to the ranch to breed?

A: It is extremely helpful if mare owners contact the ranch early in the breeding season to book a mare. We will mail or email you a contract and other information forms. Mail or email those completed forms back to the office along with a copy of the mare’s papers. Upon arrival with your mare, you will need to provide current worming and vaccination information and a current coggins test. If you cannot provide this information, or it the horse is not current, these procedures will be done at Lazy E.

Q: How do I get semen shipped to me from one of the Lazy E Ranch stallions?

A: The procedure for booking your mare for cooled semen is the same as for a regular contract. Call the ranch office and request a contract; complete the contract and return to the office. We will be ready for your call to order semen. NOTE: the stud fee must be paid in full prior to any shipment of semen. See our Cooled Semen Guidelines.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes, we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. A 3% courtesy charge will be assessed for booking/stud/chute fees.

Q: What are your breeding days?

A: We begin breeding in February and continue EVERY OTHER DAY, even on weekends. We are on ODD days in February, EVEN days in March, ODD days in April, ODD days in May, and MON/WED/FRI schedule in June. See our breeding calendar for this year’s schedule. Please call our office at 405-282-3437 the day before the scheduled collection day to get on the shipped-semen list.

Q: Is the $500 booking fee part of the stud fee or an additional fee?

A: The $500 booking fee is part of the total stud fee. A balance, minus the $500 will be due prior to shipping cooled semen or before your mare leaves Lazy E.

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