Horse Sales Information

Horse Sales Information

An Industry Leader in Sales Prep


In addition to the daily board rate, Lazy E receives 5% or $400 (whichever is greater) for Heritage Place horses, and 5% or $500 (whichever is greater for other sales.)

Lazy E Ranch is proud to be recognized as one of the top sales prep operations in the country, representing sellers at the most prestigious sales across the United States. You can regularly find our consignments on the top seller lists, and we know that would not be possible without you!

Call us today to consign your next top seller!

2023 Ruidoso Select Yearling Sale

  • Of the 63 horses that sold for $100,000 or more, Lazy E Ranch consigned 14 of them
  • Multiple yearlings on the daily high sellers list, including the top 3 yearlings on day 1 ($360,000, $335,000, $300,000)
  • Lazy E Ranch consigned horses sold for more than $8 million!

2023 Heritage Place Yearling Sale

  • Lazy E Ranch consigned 5 yearlings that sold for $100,000 or more

2024 Heritage Place Winter Mixed Sale

  • Lazy E Ranch was the leading agent with the help of your outstanding consignments
  • Lazy E Ranch consigned 4 of the top 10 high sellers including the overall high seller of $300,000

The Lazy E Ranch is the leading consignor of race-bred Quarter Horses in the world and represents top sellers at the most prestigious auctions across the nation. We are accepting consignments to the following sales:

Heritage Place Winter Mixed Sale view website
Triangle Winter Sale view website
Ruby Buckle view website
Triangle Spring Sale view website
Ruidoso Yearling Select Sale view website
Heritage Place Yearling view website
Pink Buckle view website
Triangle Fall Sale view website
Heritage Place Fall Mixed view website
Barrel Futurites of America visit website

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